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    Quote Originally Posted by robnokshus06 View Post
    No offense taken. KYMS was the first FM station I ever listened to. My friends and I felt like we were pretty cool having discovered this "underground" radio station when we were in 6th grade. We'd go over to my buddy Jay's house after school, fire up his parent's Marantz with the ethereal, blue glow and listen to the most awesome music! We'd also play albums from our nascent record collections, but it was that FM station, with the mellow jocks and the incredible, head-spinning music that captured my imagination. So, this thread, while being of no interest to you, brought back a flood of pleasant memories of my introduction to album rock and budding love affair with radio.

    Reminds me of one of the first things I learned in "radio school"; "Don't disparage the music. Every song that you play, is somebody's favorite."
    Very cool, and your handle definitely does not fit your attitude so I salute you as we both share a love of radio AND enjoying outliers when it comes to radio stations like the old KYMS. All the stations I have found interesting are long gone: KUTE 101.9 The Quiet Oasis; later on KMPC-FM/KEDG; KROQ 1987-1990 version; MARS-FM; 100.3 FM (between Pirate Radio and "Easy" or whatever they were called); KSCA FM 101.9; KLSX weekends 1997-98; Channel 103.1 FM; Indie 103.1; 100.3 The Sound 2008-2009; in San Diego 92.5 The Flash; KKOS 95.9 and later they moved to 95.7; Sets 102.1 FM; 94.9; to name some); To bring it back to KYMS- I used to work for a company which bought air time from KYMS in the 80s and resold to area businesses sponsoring public awareness messages. KYMS I believe was Christian rock .....

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    KYMS, Los Angeles - Santa Ana
    Ted Alvy
    Steve Atkins
    Bobby Blue
    Tom Brower
    Mark Christian
    Dusty Dale
    Bob Gowa
    Larry Grannis
    Billy Pearl
    Bill Rice
    Johnny Sunday
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    Quote Originally Posted by robnokshus06 View Post

    Reminds me of one of the first things I learned in "radio school"; "Don't disparage the music. Every song that you play, is somebody's favorite."
    Even "We Built This City"!

    Reminds me of what one of the KOST personalities said once: "Everyone, at some point in their lives, will like and use the love songs along the KOST". I actually hope that sentiment is true!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperRadioFan View Post
    KYMS I believe was Christian rock .....
    From 1975 to 1981. Here is hours of re created KYMS 106.3 on YouTube

    The Original KYMS Channel- The Music of KYMS
    Published on Apr 1, 2015
    Executive Producer,Vince Daniels has created an 11 hour YouTube channel of music from Contemporary Christian Music's early days, 1975-81.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidEduardo View Post

    Thanks for this information. I did not know much of anything about that station, so this is fun to know!
    Your welcome David!!! At least somebody appreciates my hard research on history that is hard to find.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fybush View Post
    I've suggested in the past to the original poster here that it would be fantastic if he could take all the dates he's collected over the years for format changes and post them somewhere where they'll be more permanently accessible than message board archives.

    Maybe they could find a home on American Radio History?
    Thank you for that. Unfortunately I did my original research back in 2014. My dad passed away in 2015 and my uncle passed away in 2016. Then my mom got sick in 2017 and passed away in May of 2018. With all of that going on I had to put of my research on hold. Everything was not complete and I just recently started it again with may blanks I needed to fill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChannelFlipper View Post
    Even "We Built This City"!
    haha, even "We Built This City"

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