How did 97.5 and 91.5 increase power?
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Thread: How did 97.5 and 91.5 increase power?

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    How did 97.5 and 91.5 increase power?

    I know both 97.5/Riverside and 91.5/Los Angeles raised power & elevation many years ago. But I don't understand how the increases were allowed. 91.5 was at the standard Class B maximum when they were in the Hollywood Hills and later on Flint Peak. However, when they jumped to a far higher elevation and HAAT on Mt. Harvard, they also *increased* ERP. In the case of 97.5, they also moved up (from Box Springs Mountain to the far-higher Heaps Peak), yet kept their 70kw+ power. Did either or both stations get some kind of FCC exemption?
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