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Thread: Ex-employees detail shocking ‘anything goes’ culture at CBS Radio

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    Was this guy REALLY surprised that Taylor's real life personality
    does not match his on-air one? Seems awfully naďve.

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    I remember listening to Dan Taylor on WNBC and on WNSR. (I seem to recall his having a syndicated show as well.) His longevity on New York radio is rather impressive. If the allegations about him are true, however, I wonder when his objectionable off-air behavior began.
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    Is there anyone on this board that would agree with me that Dan should not be tried by a NYC newspaper and that he is innocent until proven guilty? I feel bad that a man with such a great career could be silenced by accusations and no one came to his defense. Maybe there are many obvious reasons for that. You would think some one would stand up, especially when you think of all the people in this industry that got into radio to be the mavericks and to be irreverent and to push the envelope. It doesn't make saying bad things good. I fear the day is here that virtually none of us could pass through the eye of the needle to remain in an industry we so love, unless we just remain silent. If he said these horrible things, well, he has to figure out a way to either admit his transgressions, apologize and attempt to survive or accept his punishment and possible firing. If he did not say these things, a man's career and life are forever changed by another person's words.

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