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Thread: August 2018 Ratings

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    August 2018 Ratings

    WCSX sees a gain and stays on top. WOMC also gains and remains in 2nd. WRIF is in third and WMXD and WWJ are in 4th and 5th respectively.

    WDVD, WNIC, WXYT, WMGC and WKQI are in spots 5-10. WNIC saw a drop, people on vacation reducing at work listening cume, maybe? WMGC saw a gain. I think they've found their niche. Almost a full point drop for The Ticket. Renewing Valenti was a mistake and Entercom should be looking very closely at changing the management there. Just a terribly run station.

    WJR stays outside of the Top 10 in the 11th spot.

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    I should've titled this thread July 2018 ratings, as those were really what the above post described. The August ratings are as follows:

    Well, those were really the July ratings, I titled the thread incorrectly. The August ratings are here:

    CSX sees a slight drop but remains on top, but WOMC closed the gap. Both stations have done very well this year. WWJ saw a big gain and is up to third. Both WNIC and WYCD saw gains and are tied for fourth. WDVD, WMXD, WRIF, WXYTand WKQI round out the top 10. WRIF saw a notable drop, while KQI needed a gain to get back into 10th. WJR had a slight gain and is in 11th.

    105.1 had a drop this month. It likely will remain in the mid to high 3's unless another station picks up this format.

    Beasley had a mixed month with CSX staying on top but RIF and 105.1 dropping.

    Entercom continues to be the best market performer overall, although WXYT's performance is something of a drag.

    Cumulus doesn't appear to be getting the right mileage out of their Detroit properties.

    I don't think EMF will subscribe. This will be the last book with 102.7 in its old format. It was flat this period, in which the format change took place.

    Both WRCJ and WUOM has drops. WDET was flat. The combined cume of all three of these stations wouldn't put them in the Top 10.

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