Someone NEEDS to buy KHHL
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Thread: Someone NEEDS to buy KHHL

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    Someone NEEDS to buy KHHL

    KHHL has been dead air again, since yesterday at least...
    Doesn't anyone local down there care? Alpha mustn't really be involved down there in the country, as 103.1's audio drops out all the time. Or do you think they just need a better Internet provider?

    KCAF, 92-1 FM in Kennedy TX never drops out with their audio AFAIK. KCAF is very good classic country music, actually. It's a shame the dropping out station is more power than KCAF is.

    LOL it's funny because Alpha Broadcasting is a big radio corporation. No Bull Radio's owner, Rufus Resources LLC, is much smaller and only has a few stations in their network. When the little guy beats the big corporation, you know something's wrong...
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    KHHL's audio is back on. Hopefully it lasts.

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    1.3 million is what ownership is looking for in order to sell it.

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