Solano County, CA on Fire Watch
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Thread: Solano County, CA on Fire Watch

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    Solano County, California

    Solano County, CA on Fire Watch

    If you are in San Francisco or in Sacramento wondering why there's smoke in the area this fire in Fairfield and Vacaville area is one of many fires in California that's at play here.

    . A grass fire that sparked Friday near Interstate 80 in the Paradise Valley area of Solano County has prompted police to issue evacuation orders from Fairfield to Vacaville as flames moves east over the ridge.

    The Nelson Fire is reported by Cal Fire to be at least 125 acres, and police say residents of Hancock Drive and Home Lane in the Gold Ridge Developments need to leave their homes.

    At 8 p.m., the city of Vacaville issued evacuation notices for Youngsdale Drive south of Foxboro, Melissa Court, Kirby Court and Laurelwood Way.

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    yeah, i'm in Texas and i know that if it's very smokey outside in a wildfire prone area, that means a wifefire has started or was already going but just got worse very quickly. and that means one thing, pack your stuff and get the hell outta there and be prepared to get your insurance company or FEMA/government info on wirefire related damage/destruction and how they will take care of it on hand for the event you lose your home.

    i can relate with those dealing with the wildfires in California right now as i live in a rural area in North Texas and going through the driest time of the year which means it's grassfire season in this area and understand no good amount of rain for several months equals to drought and the summer temps make it worse.

    my thoughts and prayers are with you over there in California and other states affected by the wirefires.
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