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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBigA View Post
    In the case of Sinclair, they say they're now using drones to cover traffic news.
    You mean anchors drone the traffic and news.

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    The biggest change I've noticed to KOMO since Synclaire took over is the amount of lifestyle programming on weekends. Under Fisher, they had a gardening show on Saturdays, dropped for Tami Michaels and that was it. Now the lineup is as follows:
    Inside Out the original lifestyle program on KOMO.
    Talking Real Money
    The Boom X Show
    Own It
    IRG's Health Talk, moved from KVI
    The Boss Show
    Sip Northwest Live, at least I think this show is still on
    Adventure Awaits, the newest addition to the lineup, didn't realize Seth Wayne was such a travel buff
    Our Auto Expert. That's a lot of programming that's not news on weekends, which is why I asked if KOMO could really be considered all news anymore some months back. Although it was pointed out that WTOP has some similar programming on weekends, it didn't sound like it was nearly as extensive. It sounds like if I turned on WTOP at 11:00 on a Sunday night I might actually still get some local news. On KOMO, you get an update from ABC, then into audio from This Week. Personally I'd move This Week and Perspective earlier and keep the simulcast of KOMO-TV audio at 11.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LITTLEBOYBLUE View Post
    You mean anchors drone the traffic and news.
    Yo dawg. We heard you like drones. So we added more drone inside the AI speech synthesis chips of your radio traffic drones.
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