WKVP 106.9 adds HD
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Thread: WKVP 106.9 adds HD

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    WKVP 106.9 adds HD

    Sad news for DX'ers but good news for HD enthusiasts. Now, I don't have an HD receiver at all so I don't know if they have additional channels. Someone who does have one, see if you can check their HD signal, tell us what you hear.
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    Predictable multicast channels. It does boost Air1's signal, since it only really covers a small part of South Jersey on 89.5. Tropo kills that small signal, even less than 5 miles into the null that protects 89.7.

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    I guess 380 watts at 600 feet omni, can get out further than 1900 directional at 200 feet, I'm proof of that comparing both in center city....

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