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That IS the correct headline, that's for sure. I am not sure who all they eliminated, but Emily Fox and Jamala Henderson are no longer on the website. Not sure who else was axed. I DO miss Emily Fox- seems like you would want to keep as many talented Millenials around on your staff if you don't want to completely age out.
The also let Lisa Brooks go, which to me, was shocking.

Lisa Brooks and Jamala Henderson both worked at KUOW when the show host was also expected to be the news anchor. Its not as if they don't have the skills to do the job.

I'm not familiar with Emily Fox, though I know she was only there for a little while.

Angela King has a wonderful broadcasting voice; have always admired it through her years on local TV news. She will sound great in the role. But is she an upgrade from Lisa Brooks? Not sure about that. This is the second time in a decade Lisa has lost her drive time news anchor position to someone who isn't a clear upgrade (see - Jane Shannon at KOMO). I hope she is able to land on her feet.