Boston Radio Ratings July 2018.
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Thread: Boston Radio Ratings July 2018.

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    Boston Radio Ratings July 2018.

    WXKS #1 and increasing their share too.

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    I realize they are 6+ numbers but WGBH took quite a slide.

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    K000nah was on vacation, explains the bump up for RKO.
    I'm not a broadcast radio industry professional (PG/DB by day, HA by night), but, I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express one evening. Now working FT8 on 20/40/80m!

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    Mike Seagull (ha) doing double duty

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    Thoughts as to why Amp 103.3 can't get any traction on Kiss 108?

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    KISS is the Dunkin Donuts of Boston radio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoredModerator View Post
    KISS is the Dunkin Donuts of Boston radio.
    I am surprised that Honey Dew Donuts and Heaven'ly Donuts can even survive.

    Although, Starbucks seems to have carved out their own niche.

    Can Amp 103.3 do that? Carve a sustainable niche for themselves? (They are more rhythmic that Kiss 108, and probably have more teen appeal like the Top 40 stations of the past. Also, seem to have more personality through the day and evening.)

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    Without him there is no reason to listen to 108.

    I think AMP has better DJs throughout.

    All AMP needs to do is wait Matty out and then things will get better.

    TJ and his producer do some funny stuff.

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