WORT FM Madison Shooting
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    WORT FM Madison Shooting

    (CNN)A man wearing a mask and hood entered a Wisconsin radio station early Sunday morning and opened fire on three disc jockeys in the broadcast studio, the station said.

    WORT FM, a radio station based in Madison, said in a statement that witnesses said five gunshots were fired, injuring one DJ in the buttocks and shattering the glass between studios.
    The injured DJ was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and later discharged, WORT said. No major injuries were reported and no arrest had been made in the case.
    Madison Police responded to the shooting at 3:12 a.m. local time and found one person injured, according to a police incident report. Police said it appeared the shooting was not random and there was no risk to the general public.
    Police secured the area and kept DJs off the premises during the immediate investigation of the shooting, leaving WORT off the air until normal programming resumed at 9:38 a.m., the station said.
    WORT FM radio station first aired in Madison, Wisconsin in December 1975.
    A motive for the shooting was still unknown and it's unclear how the assailant entered the building, WORT said.
    David Devereaux-Weber, WORT Radio Board president, told CNN affiliate WKOW that the shooting felt targeted.
    "Somebody who had a beef about something ... and we're not quite sure whether it's a personal issue or a music issue," he said.
    The station thanked its supporters in a statement on Sunday.
    "We want to thank everyone for the support. Already, the phone calls and concerned messages are flowing into the station," WORT said.
    "Our station has faced many challenges over our 40 years on the Madison airwaves. And, as always, the community has responded to lend a hand. This is when the community in community radio shines."

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    WORT is a listener supported station, running an eclectic format, which includes certain Pacifica programs (including Democracy Now!), a wide variety of obscure music, and some foreign-language programming. It is easy to imagine someone finding something about the programming to dislike, although hard to imagine the appropriate response being picking up a firearm.

    The shooter is still at-large.
    "Its music what makes a radio station, and at Live FM, we play the last music around."
    After receiving that copy, I quit the VO industry.

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