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Many AM stations with "flea power" nighttime signals -- or even daytime-only stations -- have an unofficial "high school football PSSA" to allow them to stay on the air at full daytime power until the game is over. I'm sure the FCC knows about this practice, but has rarely, if ever fined a station for doing so.
The problem is this: How many FCC field engineers are going to drive out to West Dustbowl, TX or Nowhere, KS, on a Friday night on the chance that they may be able to catch the local station on higher power or, if a daytimer, on after sunset? And after the engineer does his survey, he has to drive back home or find a hotel to stay in... not likely a budget item.

Most of the offenders mentioned over the decades in DX circles (National Radio Club, IRCA, etc) seem to be small town stations quite a distance from any larger metro.