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Thread: Windsor stations

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    You are right that U.S. businesses could probably advertise on 89X (and the other CTV Globemedia stations) if there was genuine interest on their part. The thing is - there doesn't seem to be.

    I've not heard any Metro Detroit-based ads on 89X in many, many months. Even before their Southfield-area office closed for good, I heard few U.S.-based ads for a number of months. Menards and Buff Whelan Chevy are the only two that come to mind. All the rock radio buys are going to Beasley. No reason to keep a sale office open here when it was garnering such little business.

    Today, the ads you hear for Lowes, Wendy's, McDonalds, Chrysler, Ford and others are all targeted to Ontario consumers. Many end with the tag: "offers valid only in Ontario." The agency business is largely coming from buys being placed at the corporate level in Toronto. This is very different from how 89X and 93.9 The River operated for many years. It wasn't that long ago that advertising from local Detroit area businesses and agency buys targeting U.S. listeners vastly outnumbered Canada-oriented ads on those stations.

    As for the syndicated shows you mention on CKLW, none of the U.S. advertising you referenced relates to ad time sold by CKLW. The syndicator (e.g. Premiere or Westwood One) sells that advertising. Yes, there are local avails during those programs where local stations can run their own spots. Most of the time, CKLW is unable to fill that space with paid advertising. Instead, it's filled with show promos or PSAs. The station runs very little of its own paid advertising at night; I guess the interest just isn't there. Surprising...considering CKLW's consistently massive ratings in Essex County, ON.

    Semi-related: ever since CKLW had its transmitter plant fire a year ago (or was it two years ago?), the station hasn't sounded "right." Modulation seems low. Audio lacks punch. Aurally, CKLW used to sound every bit as good as WJR. That is far from the case today.
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    I'll be darned. Listened to 89X for a couple hours on & off today. During the very last commercial break I heard today, I heard an advertisement for O'Reilly Auto Parts and its "83 Metro Detroit locations." Aside from concert announcements, that's the first commercial geared toward Detroit listeners that I've heard on the station in quite a long time.

    I hope the current Active Rock lean continues. It's great hearing Slash & Myles Kennedy, Halestorm and Greta Van Fleet on the station without having to sit through Twenty One Pilots, Fall Out Boy or Panic at the Disco. (I refer to those bands as "fake rock." Alt 106.7 plays them all the time.)

    Unlike WRIF, a station that I do enjoy from time to time, 89X doesn't bombard its listeners with commercials, advertiser plugs, and plugs for morning show-themed merchandise that can be ordered online. As long as 89X continues to play that style of music, they'll continue to be my first choice among FM stations in the area! The station sounds a 100x better since Phat Matt was relieved of his PD duties. (His predecessor, Jay Hudson, did an equally poor job.)
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    Hmmm, instead of "not available in Ontario" during the Big8 era, it's "offer ONLY available in Ontario.
    During The Big 8 heyday, there was a Detroit and Windsor sales staff and rate cards....higher priced US ads could always bump a lower priced Windsor ad. When Detroit advertising dried up for CKLW in the late 70s/early 80s, Windsor-based ads helped the station survive.

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    For CKLW, despite it clearing the US syndicated shows, it is entirely focused on Windsor. It generally wins the ratings there by a large margin. It's surviving. CKWW has a very poor signal just about everywhere in the Detroit market. Any US ads just have to be considered like 'found money' to these stations. My point in the prior post was that the cost of trying to lure such ads would exceed any net revenue. CKLW, in its current state, makes business sense. 89X, 92.3 and CKWW exist solely because it's not easy to discontinue their operations.

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