What are some interesting community radio stations you've listened too?
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Thread: What are some interesting community radio stations you've listened too?

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    What are some interesting community radio stations you've listened too?

    In my area, I have several. There's some higher quality community radio like WKVI and WYMR. Then you have small ones that air interesting programming, like WEFM and WCOE. WEFM has the most variety of any station in my area. Variety in sports (high school, college, pro), variety in news (local news, ABC News top of hour updates, local events, which there is also variety for), variety in music (adult contemporary, they are affiliated with Into the 70s, easy listening overnights, and even polka). We also have WNIL. I got to listen to WSAL down in Logansport during a La Porte Slicers vs Logansport Berries game and it was on WCOE as well. Tell me some of yours.

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    Several small town stations that surround Knoxville in East Tennessee. "MIXX 105.5" handles the local position for Sevier County. No easy task with several of the Knoxville stations breathing down its throat. WCRK< Morristown, same.

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    KYNR Toppenish, WA (1490 khz). Wonderful mix of music - one minute it could be 'Rock Around the Clock' Bill Haley, the next something by Babyface, or Backstreet Boys. Like a Jack-FM on steroids...and with a couple hundred powwow chants mixed in. They also air Native Voice One news, and local talk shows on the Yakama Nation. Now somebody build them a webstream service - long overdue!
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    WOOL-FM (91.5) in Bellows Falls, VT.
    Calling itself "Black Sheep Radio" (!!), the musical focus is on independent artists of the area, with a mix of community news and presence at local events.......
    The station had humble beginnings as an LPFM....and has grown into a full Class A FM, thanks to generous donors!!
    Definitely worth a listen when you're in the NH/VT Upper Valley area!

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