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Thread: LPFM and Part 15 stations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area

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    LPFM and Part 15 stations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area

    Thought I'd write a little review of the LPFM and Part 15 stations I know about in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.

    Let's start with the LPFMs:

    KFTW - Fort Worth 97.5FM Web:
    Plays music from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It's a bit hit and miss on quality and very eclectic on style. I appreciate the effort, I'm just not sure it delivers a product that a lot of people are going to want to listen to for hours on end.

    KUZU - Denton 92.9FM Web:
    An LPFM in Denton that bills itself as a forum for artistic expression, music, debate and local affairs. Not sure how to describe it, but you can hear a wild array of things from obscure music to talk shows. It's very active on social media and appears to be trying to connect with the community in a meaningful way. It fits with the funky college-town vibe of Denton

    Part 15 stations: - Dallas 1650AM Web:
    This is a terrific radio station run by a Texas Radio Hall of Famer. It's a very good oldies station with a good selection of music. It also has a bunch of classic local and national commercials that are a real treat to listen to. There's also an old radio bit called "chicken man" that's ridiculous and funny. I'm just on the edge of the coverage area for this station. Fortunately, it streams online through the website or the TuneIn app.

    KLSR - Rowlett 1650AM Web:
    Lake Shore Radio. Nice little classic hits station that also has some specialty music and talk shows. Some programming related to the Rowlett area as well. I can pick it up briefly when I'm on the Bush Turnpike going through the Rowlett area. It too streams through the website or TuneIn app. It also has its own app.

    KVMW - Mineral Wells 1670AM Web:
    This station is still online (hence the link,) but its website ( is gone. Not sure what happened, but its still offering the same mix of rights-free very old music. Great if you like music from the 30s, 40s and 50s. Has automated weather broadcasts and a community bulletin board. However, the announcements do not appear to have been updated in a while. It runs national/international news from some outfit called FNS Radio News.

    Mansfield Community Radio The Eagle 1670AM Web:
    I haven't had a chance to listen to this one as much as the others. It's a nice little music station that plays classic rock and olides. As you might guess, it's in Mansfield. It broadcasts on 1670AM and streams online.

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    I can't believe I'm just seeing this. Thanks for putting it together!

    There's an FM translator on 102.5 repeating KPYK in Terrell. But just as I came into Mesquite, I lost the KPYK translator and heard what sounded like a classic rock beat/bass line--but not a familiar song. Unfortunately, I had to switch to something else and never heard an announcement or ID of any sort. I think it was too strong to be full power KMAD from Whitesboro, Texas.

    Any idea what station/operation it was? The only things I see in the FCC database look like religious operations and this didn't sound like that.

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    Sorry I just saw your reply. Most likely the station you heard on 102.5 in Mesquite after losing KPYK was KBRQ out of Hillsboro. It's a rock station for the Waco market.

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