Mind your T's and K's!
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Thread: Mind your T's and K's!

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    Mind your T's and K's!

    Gotta love this!

    In the mid-70s, after dropping the venerable WCOP call letters, 100.7 in Boston got new call letters, WTTK, "TK101". It tried various automated music formats and never truly got its bearings.

    In 1985, 100.7 in Boston became the home of WKKT, "Boston's Cat". it was adult contemporary, more or less, and very listenable. Later that year, of course, the calls were switched to WZLX, "Classic Hits 100.7".

    In 1999, 96.9 in Boston became the home of WTKK, "96-9 FM Talk"; the name speaks for itself. It, too, was very listenable - most of the time. In 2013, the bottom dropped out and we won't go there.

    "But wait - there's more!"

    iHeart now owns WKKT, "The Kat", in Charlotte, NC; it's country, of course.

    iHeart now owns WZLX, "Boston's Classic Rock".

    iHeart also owns WTKK, "More Stimulating Talk Radio", in Raleigh-Durham, NC.

    But iHeart does not own WTTK; it is a CBS-TV affiliate in Kokomo, IN, it is currently owned by Tribune Broadcasting.

    Permutations across time and space.

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    1510 for a time was WKKU, "Bruins Country". For awhile someone had that bumper sticker at my workplace

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