So Estereotempo comes to an end... in its place is Play 96.5. I'd expect a hotter AC direction, but apparently it is a Top 40, and is playing a lot more urban music.

My question is what differentiates it from its sister stations Mainstream Urban La Nueve Cuatro and full-blown CHR La Mega, other than the lack of Rocky and Molusco.

I know that SBS has struggled with the AC format, with a station in New York being retooled and a station in Miami outright flipping, but I still can't fathom that ballads are doing so badly right now. Does Puerto Rico just not have soccer mom music? Did they all move to the mainland? Are they listening to English-music ACs like Magic and Fresh or Christian ACs like Nueva Vida?

I know that the bad economy and Maria turned the island upside down, but this is all something weird to take in.