Larry Wilson steps down as Chairman of Alpha Media
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Thread: Larry Wilson steps down as Chairman of Alpha Media

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    Larry Wilson steps down as Chairman of Alpha Media

    In this article Larry Wilson will remain a board member of Alpha Media at the time of post.

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    Few in radio understand why Wilson did one of the dumbest deals in radio and bought the Digity stations. It seemed so out of character and then in order to close, he had to sell off the towers with crazy lease amounts and get some high interest rate private funding to close. Only stations of national group like scale were the ones in West Palm. I'm sure there are some fine small markets in the group but folks learned a long time ago those type operations don't do well in a large group setting. Surely Wilson didn't want those stations so badly he bought the rest? What, does he own a home or something in that market? It's a shame because he was considered an industry leader but his legacy now will be this mess Alpha is in now. He's owns it. Radio is not a growth business. It is purely a cash flow operating concern and if you are going to carry debt you best figure paying it back with zero to minimum revenue growth over the stretch of the note. I bet he was under the weather at the NAB. I'd be sick too because there is no viable exit plan that doesn't cause pain to a bunch of folks.

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