USTN Files Nasty Lawsuit Against Entercom
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Thread: USTN Files Nasty Lawsuit Against Entercom

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    USTN Files Nasty Lawsuit Against Entercom

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    Here's Entercom's statement about the lawsuit. I wonder exactly what the contract says. Because it sounds like USTA thought it had an agreement, and Entercom thinks they didn't:

    It sounds like Entercom had an "out." Always read the small print.

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    I was reminded that there was a thread in the Boston board in March where someone asked who does the traffic for Entercom Boston.

    If you follow the responses, someone from one of the stations, Mix 104, says they have their own in-house traffic person. They don't use USTN. That was in April, before the May announcement. But I remember thinking that if they're using their own in-house traffic, why would the company have a deal with USTN? I don't know the reason, but it's an interesting situation.

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