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    WEDD 1270-Fairhaven

    I'm perusing the old M Street Radio Directories on American Radio History. I noticed that in the 1989 edition of the guide, there is a station at 1270 in Fairhaven with the call letters WEDD. I have never heard of this station before. When did it go dark, if it was on the air at all? By 1990, it was WLAW.

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    Pretty sure it was never anything more than a construction permit.

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    I saw in an archive of NERW that the FCC was giving the owner six more months to get his act together. The Tx site was going to be in North Dartmouth or somewhere in that vicinity. I guess as history has proven he never got his act together, and the CP was revoked? Even if it did get on the air, I'm sure 1260 in Boston would've objected, as would've WACM 1270 (WLAW would've had to be incredibly directional)

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    I remember hearing there was a construction permit for a WLAW (?) on 1270 in Dartmouth held by Edmund Dinis.That may explain the WEDD calls, maybe initials.

    Name sound familiar? He was a district attorney down that way who got in the news in July of 1969 when Sen. Edward Kennedy drove off that bridge over troubled waters on Chappaquiddick Island.

    >>He prosecuted the Chappaquiddick incident involving Senator Ted Kennedy.

    Dinis owned WJFD-FM in New Bedford from 1975 till his death in 2010.
    Thread on his passing on this board:

    >>Some years ago, Mr. Dinis held a CP for a 5KW AM station to be licensed to Dartmouth on 1270. The idea would have been to move the Porutguese programming to 1270, and use 97.3 for something else in English. Unfortunately for him, a strong case of N.I.M.B.Y.-ism broke out, and he couldn't secure a parcel to put up the towers, and the CP eventually expired.
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    If 5KW were to go there, it would've had to be incredibly directional. WACM 1270 isn't too far away.

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    I think Mr. Dinis owned what was then WSPR 1270 in Springfield, so interference wouldn't matter. I forgot what year GOIS Broadcasting (at that time they only owed 1490) bought it. Then DMG bought them both in 04ish and in 2015 Full Power Radio bought the DMG stations left in New England - WSPR/WACM in Springfield, WKKB FM in Middletown/Providence, and what was WXCT in Southington, CT.

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    WEDD was supposed to have its tower site on an island in/near Fairhaven. WSPR-1270 did object to it, IIRC. Edmund Dinis was also one of the several bidders in Federal Court on July 1, 1991, for WLVG-740-Cambridge. His idea was to simulcast his WJFD-FM onto 740-Cambridge. Didn't work out that way, as some guy named Bob Bittner was that day's victor.

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