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Thread: Facebook suspends Alex Jones for 30 days

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    And another update on the Jones issue

    ******** host Alex Jones is struggling to replace the audience he lost after being banned from YouTube, according to viewership totals published on the video sites still willing to host him.

    Jones and his allies initially reacted to ******** being banned from Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, and a host of other tech platforms in early August by claiming that the bans would only draw more attention to ********. After the bans, the ******** app surged in both the Apple and Google app stores, nearly reaching the top of Apple’s “news” category. ******** cited the app’s growing popularity as proof that the conspiracy outlet could outwit “globalist tech gatekeepers.”

    Two weeks later, though, the ******** app is set to slip out of the top 30 news apps, and ******** is nowhere near replacing its lost YouTube viewership.

    ******** currently hosts its videos on Real.Video, a niche video hosting site that promises that content on the platform is “protected under free speech” and prominently features other channels promoting militias or dubious nutrition ideas. ******** videos on Real.Video regularly receive only a few hundred or thousand views.

    By comparison, ******** posts on YouTube regularly received at least five figures in terms of viewership. ******** videos on YouTube earned more than 500,000 views a day on average, according to social-media analytics site SocialBlade, while Infowars’ main YouTube channel received more than 17 million views in the 30 days before its ban.

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    The problem is some people are confusing Alex Jones with people who express conservative political views. They are not the same thing.

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    Another update and its over the Alex Jones and Twitter account.


    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey reportedly stepped in to save Alex Jones, Richard Spencer from bans
    SEP 03, 2018

    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey reportedly stepped in to save Alex Jones, Richard Spencer from bans
    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey reportedly overruled his staff's decision to ban Alex Jones. (ERIC BARADAT / AFP/Getty Images)

    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey overruled his staff when it came to keeping Alex Jones and Richard Spencer on his social media site, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

    Dorsey has long denied that he’s protecting right-wing trolls amid backlash from Twitter users, saying that the offensive parties haven’t broken any rules.

    The controversy over Jones, the conspiracy theorist and owner of ********, came to a head when Apple removed his podcasts from its streaming platform, followed soon after by Facebook, YouTube and Spotify. Dorsey defended keeping Jones around, despite an eventual seven-day suspension.

    “We didn’t suspend Alex Jones or ******** yesterday. We know that’s hard for many but the reason is simple: he hasn’t violated our rules. We’ll enforce if he does. And we’ll continue to promote a healthy conversational environment by ensuring tweets aren’t artificially amplified,” Dorsey said last month.

    “Accounts like Jones' can often sensationalize issues and spread unsubstantiated rumors, so it’s critical journalists document, validate, and refute such information directly so people can form their own opinions. This is what serves the public conversation best.”

    But a source told the Wall Street Journal that Dorsey himself had “overruled a decision by his staff” to ban Jones, who is currently being sued by multiple Sandy Hook families after saying the mass shooting was fake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBigA View Post
    So now the President is involved, promoting the view that Google and Facebook are "rigged" against conservatives.


    The problem here is it makes Americans the enemy, rather than Russian hackers, who are using social media with fake accounts to drive public opinion. So the social media companies are stuck in the middle: Do they protect the country from outside hackers who are attacking the country? Or just leave everything open and let the Russians and everyone else take over social media? We know the Russian government is doing this. It's a proven fact. But it's never mentioned by the president or conservative media when they attack the social media companies. Why?
    In the view of many of my friends on the Right, certain Americans have shown themselves to be much more our enemy than anyone in Russia.

    Don't shoot, I'm just the messenger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreddyE1977 View Post
    In the view of many of my friends on the Right, certain Americans have shown themselves to be much more our enemy than anyone in Russia.
    Not according to the government's own intelligence and military leaders. But for some reason, the right is willing to ignore Russia and other foreign adversaries in favor of attacking fellow Americans. Which is the primary goal of the Russians. Never before has the Kremlin enjoyed so much support from a group who once considered themselves anti-Communists.

    Today's Congressional hearings were primarily intended to focus on ways Facebook and Twitter are protecting Americans from outside attack. However, I fully expect the hearings to devolve into unproven conspiracy theories about how social media is silencing conservatives.

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    This just in: CNN reports that Alex Jones made a surprise appearance at the Senate Intelligence Committee's social media hearings today to "face his accusers." He was not in fact a witness during the hearings, but responded to reporters questions as he arrived.

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    On his way in, Alex Jones crashed a press conference by Senator Rubio of Florida.


    Our political system has just become another scene in someone's reality TV show. Who is the real conservative here?

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    The day after reps from Twitter & Facebook testify in Congress, Twitter permanently bans Alex Jones:


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    This thread has become too political ... 'them' vs 'us' doesn't play on this website.

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