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    WRCR 1700 AM

    Just checked 1700 WRCR is back on the air- I'm hearing I think their nighttime power fair to good from Queens.
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    Still playing AC? Glad they managed to come back to the air. Pretty dicey prospect for an AM that had its utilities cut and had to find a new home!

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    Quote Originally Posted by umfan View Post
    Still playing AC? Glad they managed to come back to the air. Pretty dicey prospect for an AM that had its utilities cut and had to find a new home!
    Yes still AC automated but there's been the talk of adding local DJ music shows maybe featuring oldies, etc. They also said they are only testing their equipment for a few days before adding at the new tower location.
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    I heard them blasting into my location in Southington, Connecticut this morning just prior to 6:30AM. There was a male announcer he mentioned WRCR and the artist that was coming up. Before they went off the air last year they used to blast in here at night.

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    Reception of them here was much the same at night here, Mark. I didn't even have my best portable on the patio -- it doesn't go up to 1700 anyway -- and WRCR plus their A/C music was coming in swell. Reception was nowhere near what's generally required for 'signal saturation'. It was more like hearing WDRC 1360 fade in, or like WPTR Albany surfacing, but WRCR was always there. And at top-of-the-dial 1700 the pursuit certainly was the audible equivalent of Sergeant Snorkel hanging off the cliff on a twig in the Beetle Bailey comic strip, but at least there was sufficiently good music on an AM radio.

    From the DXing days near JFK Airport, I always enjoyed the pop-music sound and ambition of that wee directional station, from when they were WRRC and WKQW on 1300. Yes, I know it is different people now from those in 1967, and that Pepper-Tanner 'What's Happening' jingle package, but WRCR remains the same music and DX treat here as it represented back then. There can't be too many people who don't wish them the best.

    Music on AM? On a station hanging off the dial ? Enjoy it while the premise lasts!

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