Boston and the PIRATE Act
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Thread: Boston and the PIRATE Act

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    Boston and the PIRATE Act

    Congress seems to be fast tracking the PIRATE bill which will put a bit more teeth in the pirate radio enforcement nationally...still may be a long process but note that Boston is a focus area.

    Tom Taylor newsletter:
    "The “PIRATE Act” races to unanimous approval in the House.
    A bill introduced on May 5 just roared through the House of Representatives, and that’s a very fast pace. It would raise the fine for unlicensed broadcasting to $100,000 per day (compared to today’s prevailing $10,000). It would target landlords or anyone else who “facilitates pirate radio broadcasting, including providing access to property or providing physical goods or services” – with a threat of up to $2 million in fines. And third, it would “require the FCC to focus on the top five [pirate] radio markets twice a year, to eliminate pirate radio broadcasting.” (Those sweeps would surely focus on South Florida, the New York metro and the Boston area."

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    The part about this I find so curious is the common view that broadcasting is losing listeners to online streams. Yet there are people who will risk 6-figure fines and more to run illegal radio stations. Those two things don't compute.

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