DSC gone from KFM BFM
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Thread: DSC gone from KFM BFM

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    DSC gone from KFM BFM

    SAN DIEGO Loyal listeners of the DSC show were shocked to turn on their radios only to discover the show was off the airwaves.


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    San Diego Reader piece with update on Monday 7/23/18:


    Dave Rickards has tweeted a few cryptic statements as to his (and the show's) future whereabouts:




    Speculation focuses on KWFN 97.3, KIOZ 105.3 and KGB 101.5. The first one seems most likely.

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    This was somewhat expected after Tegna got KFMB AM-FM along with their purchase of KFMB-TV. Their CEO publicly stated he doesn't want to be in the radio business. So if you're shopping around the AM-FM, it doesn't look good to have this huge talent expense on the books. The DSC is probably San Diego's longest-running and most successful morning show, so cast members were no doubt collecting big paychecks.

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