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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBigA View Post
    So why is this in a WRKO thread? And why not contact the sponsor of the program?
    Barbara is keeping with the trend of being "gender fluid" in Massachusetts by being "station fluid"..... RKO, XKS... what's the difference.... if you FEEL like it is RKO, then it IS RKO.
    I'm not a broadcast radio industry professional (PG/DB by day, HA by night), but, I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express one evening. Now working FT8 on 20/40/80m!

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    In Cleveland they have sports with WKNR ESPN 850 and also there's a sister station WWGK 1540 with more sports, branded as "KNR2". Not that they do this (yet) but we could almost picture WXKS 1200 as "RKO2"...similar with conservative talk, and situations like above.

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    The issue with Talk1200 has been resolved....someone suggested I contact the program directly to let them know what was going on....I contacted "at home with Gary Sullivan" via Twitter, initially I had sent multiple emails to the program director at Talk1200 and Iheart to no avail, I sent emails for a month or so and no one listened or bothered to respond in any way shape or form.....anyway...I sent a Twitter message on a Friday directly to the show and that Sunday the issue was resolved...it has been two Sundays now and the issue has not occurred. Thank you for the advice!

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