Good morning everyone,

I'm hoping that perhaps somebody here can help me solve this mystery that I've tried to answer for many years.

Audio processing, for broadcast purposes, became a passion of mine when I stumbled across Chicago's B96 (WBBM-FM / Infinity Broadcasting) internet stream in July of 2005. At the time, I was 15 years old and did what I could to learn about the processing and audio codec used for streaming. I was amazed by the sound quality and consistency of audio between songs and commercials.

What I did learn for certain was that Windows Media Audio was used for the codec. It was streamed at 32kb/s, 32khz, Stereo.

What I could never figure out was the processing used prior to encoding the audio into WMA. Knowing what I know now, I imagine it was an Orban Optimod PC-1100 card. Can anyone confirm this? I imagine that all Infinity Broadcasting stations used the same set-up for their internet streams.

My goal is to learn and possibly recreate the sound, as closely as possible, of that audio stream for my own nostalgic purposes.

Any insight would be so greatly appreciated. After 13 years, it would be great to finally figure out exactly what was used (and how it was used) on the internet stream that created my passion for audio processing.


PS: For reference purposes, this is the closest I can find of the stream from that time:

PS 2: I do also have a ~2 minute, 128kb/s MP3 recording if anyone is interested!