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    What's New? New 102.7

    I watched the graphics change at 6 AM EDT and Fresh became New 102.7

    The "description" coded in the HTML on the home page is "upbeat variety for your workday" so the attack is centered on 9 AM to 5 PM hours.


    The domain is the same, but the graphics are all changed.
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    The folks in the main thread on this topic are reporting that the change was a real nothingburger -- no discernible change in playlist, still a run-of-the-mill hot AC. Just another publicity stunt to get the curious listening, at least for one morning, in hopes that some of them will stick around.

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    I can't get them here (WKSZ Willamsport is the reason). And I'm behind the times with the streaming stuff. The only terrestrial ones I have here in Favourites anyway are KQYX in Texas, WTOP and WLNG.
    So how do you folks think they did in maintaining the audience they already had, as opposed to blowing them all off
    with stunting?

    Well, if they're going to be commercial-free for relatively long periods, at least the stream should be unaffected, right? Identical to the main signal?

    I'll give 'em a try after lunch on the Intercom.
    'Internet'. On the Internet.

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    According to AllAccess, the format remains Hot AC...just new branding and imaging:

    “This is an exciting move that underscores our commitment to offer listeners in NEW YORK a top rated content and music experience,” said Regional Pres./Market Manager SUSAN LARKIN. “Feedback tells us that New Yorkers are looking for a Hot AC station that can take them through their workday, and we know NEW 102.7 will deliver.”

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