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Thread: Where is 98.5 moving to?

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    Where is 98.5 moving to?

    Where is the Sport's hub moving too? I know Weei is moving to their old location

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    Quote Originally Posted by wharlow171 View Post
    Where is the Sport's hub moving too? I know Weei is moving to their old location
    Morrissey Boulevard.

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    And Iím guessing that 106.7 will move to the old TV38 building as well, if they havenít already.

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    Website has already been updated:

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    Globe used to be at 135 Morrissey Blvd with their former co owned Ch 56 next door.The old WHDH-TV 5 was at 50 Morrissey, now UMass property.
    In 07 Howie Carr tried to jump to WTKK 96.9 and if successful he would have been down the street from the Herald's rival, the Globe.New Herald owner has paper printed in Prov. but Globe still distributes.

    When WEEI's Minihane did his "fire Felger!" stunt, Facebook live showed him walking fron WEEI on Guest St to Sports Hub around the corner in the 38 building. That had 98.5, 100.7, 103.3 and 104.1

    So Ent. with merger got WODS and WWBX (And Magic via Beasley). 98.5 is on Morr. Blvd and ZLX should be going to Cabot Rd Medford along with WEEI's former sister station WRKO.

    38 Bldg should have: 93
    .7 and 850, 103.3, 104.1 and 106.7--and 107.3...?

    WBZ AM is going to Medford and I'd think whole iHR cluster should be there eventually, right? 680, 1030, 1200, 94.5, 97.7, 100.7, 101.7 and 107.9
    ...1430 is Ocean States Trust and prob at iHeart for now till sale.

    In Pittsburgh when iHeart decided to make 104.7 country, the talk format (Rush etc) went to Frank Iorio's WJAS 1320...not sure but I think somehow iHR in Green Tree hosts their studios...(just checked; yes apparently WJAS and stations like iHeart's WDVE and Iorio's WJAS are both at 200 Fleet St)

    Coming back from Pitt.--noted on Tue KDKA FM does pregame Pirates show from just outside PNC Park.The Entercom deal means both Pittsburgh and Boston have the respective MLB teams on Entercom-owned sports talk stations on 93.7...
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBigA View Post
    Website has already been updated:
    Except the shows are yet to move, or at least the morning show as of today. I think Monday is the scheduled first day. T&R mentioned that their TV contract also runs out then. I wonder if its the same for the Felger and Mazz.

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    Felger and Mazz continue the simulcast after the move along with Zo and Bertrand getting a simulcast instead of Toucher and Rich interesting to say the least.
    tom in frraaanklinnnn

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    Here's a story about the move from RadioInk:

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