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    Many, many stations delay programs. Not that many are actually aired at the very time they are done live. Some flag shows concerning content to give the station an option. Some don't. In essence, you're blaming the cook for the egg the chicken laid. If there is any 'beef' it is with Jay Sekulow, not KNTH. KNTH just played a paid program provided by the client at the time slot the client purchased without knowing the content of the program beforehand. And, in reality, it's all about getting listeners to hear those programs, so regardless, it appears even the complainer listened even if for a different reason than you'd like.
    Well stated, Bill, I guess that's the trap of many radio stations today. Nobody can afford to actually be live all the time, unless it's all-news-all-the-time. We had that here for 3 years with News 92.1 and Radio One had to pull the plug on that format - although the signal failed to reach northern Houston and The Woodlands very well. Guess I was too harsh with KNTH - thanks for the reality check.

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    I was a fan of News 92.1. My only beef was stories seemed to not get updated...same actuality and copy from morning to dark unless new details dictated. Too bad it wasn't on a full coverage frequency! And speaking of the chef and the egg, I've had egg on my face thanks to going by my client's dictates.

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