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    I would bet hundreds of stations made this "error" at some point on Monday night. It is common for talk stations to air programs taped earlier that day in the evening and overnight hours. e.g. stations that run a local PM drive show, and then air Sean Hannity on a 2-3 hour delay, or who run the prior afternoon's Michael Savage from 2-5am.
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    If one were to assess any blame, it would be the program itself. They realize the program is tape delayed, airing at different times. Either content should not be so time sensitive or the distributor should note the content with the station and allow stations to take an 'evergreen' instead. Then again, this is paid programming. If they are paying for it, it really doesn't matter, you run the client's program.

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    B-Turner. you are correct. It's their dime. If they don't provide a generic show, then whatever they deliver is aired. PTBoardOp94, its not an error. It is now common practice. I hear it all the time and I think it sounds dated. However, its far more cost effective to air the previous days program, than pay somebody to do it. We have one show that is only delayed by three hours. ARK MIDNIGHT with Jon B. Wells airs Sunday morning after the midnight news. It's different, but it is closer up to date than the rest. It's unfortunate, but that is the way it is done in today's radio.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChuckTiller View Post
    It's unfortunate, but that is the way it is done in today's radio.
    Not everyone in radio operates that way. My suggestion (and it's just a suggestion) is that Salem should have provided its stations live coverage of a breaking news event. That way ALL Salem stations could have aired current information, and not sounded dated. That would not have solved the fact that you'd be pre-empting paid programming. That of course is an internal matter. But as a corporate matter, most companies that offer a national programming service, such as CBS News or Fox News, offer their stations that kind of live programming, especially when it's something as important as Supreme Court nomination that has been talked about and promoted for a full week on those radio stations and by the President of the United States. If there's a commitment to the news, and given the amount of discussion it received prior to the announcement, it should be covered on the station even if there's a loss of revenue. That's the price of doing business. Just my opinion. I understand & respect Mr. Tiller's position.

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    This is News: KNTH Ops Mgr Chuck Tiller said earlier about his local competitor, "KTRH is not a 'News' station. It is a 'News talk' station." -- (so?) -- his comment has to mean that KNTH, is NOT a news-based station or even 'News-talk'. In reality then, based on repeated examples of KNTH missing out on up-to-the-minute actual events --- and worse, willing to broadcast programs that are hours behind reality --- KNTH is the leader in "Yesterday's News" and he's willing to justify it. Frankly, that is a pitiful admission that, in the 4th largest market in America, KNTH and Salem Media, cannot-or-refuse-to, figure out how to stay up-to-date with actual real-life-ongoing "News" events. That's News! (Chuck, at least you know I'm listening and I do enjoy the KNTH lineup of "conservatainment" talk hosts, especially Sam Malone, Michael Medved, and Larry Elder.)

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