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Thread: WLIX has returned a 80s Station

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    WLIX has returned a 80s Station

    called sunny radio where it's always in the 80s call letters WLIX LP as they were when Scotty owned the station. Now same owner of the breeze

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    The 80's station mentioned in the above post appears to be in South Dakota.
    But according to the FCC database, an application for a low power FM on 94.7 in Suffolk County has just been approved. That frequency had been used for a soft a/c format till it went dark at the end of last year, when the owner retired from broadcasting. Does anyone know whether it is now back on the air?

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    Not sure if WLIX is back on-air, but Sunny Radio of South Dakota was looking at taking its format national a few years ago. Not sure how the programming is delivered, but I'm thinking its morning show of John and Heidi is offered on Cloudcast.

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    WLIX-LP (now "Sunny Radio") is indeed back on the air with an all 80's hits format. Scotty still owns the license with Tammy Celenza ("The Breeze") as ops manager.

    Looks like Scotty removed the antenna from his big tree in his back yard as they have installed or will install a new one.

    During an hour sample this morning there were a few liners including a reference to the Hamptons and 1 PSA but no hosts.

    In my opinion, this station already sounds better than REAL-FM.

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    Only web presence I could find (so far):

    No stream available.

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