Microsoft may have thrown in the towel on its Windows 10 mobile platform but the company is still trying to keep its apps and services afloat on other mobile operating systems.

The company is now considering a launch of its Movies & TV app for Android and iOS device as a way of extending availability and usage for its transactional VOD service, according to a report from Windows Central.

TVOD competitors like iTunes and Google Play may have the advantage over Microsoft when it comes to total mobile users. But Microsoft has its Xbox platform, and opening Movies & TV to competing mobile platforms seems to show a commitment to keep the store open.

In a further show of commitment to the TVOD space, Microsoft is reportedly planning on putting its Movies & TV app on Movies Everywhere, a Disney-owned app that collected video content from different studios and digital stores under one interface.

Movies Everywhere currently includes Amazon Video, Fandango, Google Play, iTunes and Vudu.
Well Microsoft is responding to the competition.