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Thread: The Big 8 CKLW Tribute stream

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    The Big 8 CKLW Tribute stream

    Former Big 8 jock and oldies PD Charlie O'Brien memorializes The Big 8 with music from the 50s-80s, jingles (Drake and pre-Drake,), aircheck breaks, commercials such as Merolis Chevrolet and more. Charlie was most recently PD of Windsor's CKWW (which also pays homage to The Big 8). Hear Big 8 Radio here:

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    Loved the Big 8! This tribute or whatever it is does nothing for me?

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    The "Big 8" newscasts were a true "work of (GRAPHIC!) art".......!!!!
    "Glory in Gory".....describing a woman raped in an elevator.....the remains of a body that jumped from a nauseum!!
    "Astute eyewitnesses notified authorities...then called Big 8 News to say---- it was enough to make you SICK....!"
    Today when we talk of news reporting, we often hear the term "if it LEADS".......
    For the Big 8.....EVERY story "bled"!!!!
    Quick aside....a guy in western NH bought one of the old CKLW 50kw transmitters and planned to put it on the air at 720 KHz....the town zoning board shot down the 4-stick DA proposal...and the project was mothballed...

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