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Thread: WDAS-AM is on 102.5 and no one noticed

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    iHeart Radio more than likely applied for this translator long before they began letting Children's Hospital of Philly run 1480, so that's why their programming is now on the FM. I still say iHeart should've let Amtrak run 1480 as 30th Street Station is about the only place in greater Philly I could pick up 1480.

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    The signal is really good, was at Springfield Mall today, it was solid even though they should be extremely nulled to the west to protect WRFY. WRFY which had a good signal in DELCO was overwhelmed. Then going into Medford tonight they were solid the whole way. Took a few pics of their XMTR today.


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    Heard this signal, I can tell they are using really good equipment but in some of its strongest coverage area 102.5 Reading is really giving this translator a lot of interference, even being around the pennslanding area close to the center city where the antenna is located the signal gets whipped out. But from what I also heard, they are still working on the signal.

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    Not from my vantage points, WRFY has been non existent since their launch, they are super strong in NE. South/West Philly, DELCO, Camden/Glouster/Burlinton counties in Jersey, I am waiting for WRFY to complain, but I think they are owned by the same outfit, so all systems go, unless you miss Rock Hits, whatever that meant lmao.

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    I can't see Breakthrough Radio staying on for long. It's a prime location, covering the downtown office buildings well. Breakthrough Radio is basically donated to CHoP as a tax writeoff. It's on 102.5 temporarily till they work out the kinks of the new station.
    At least it is unlikely to be shut down for interference because WRFY is co owned, and so is WIOQ. Perhaps they might throw Y-102 on an HD2 and use the translator to bring Y-102 into Philadelphia.
    They would be wise to not compete with Greater Media because they own 102.9 MGK and that station could get the translator shut down for interference.
    Many people commute into Philly from the 422 corridor up to Reading, that's why a simulcast with WRFY makes the most sense

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    Its a shame they weren''t owned by either Equity or Beasley. It would of been nice to have WMID or WMGK HD2 put on it to bring real oldies to the main band in Philly.

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    No one is going to waste a signal on that.

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    Wasted local LP signals IMHO 88.1, 94.9, 95.1, 95.3, 96.1, 97.1, 98.5, 99.9, 103.7, 105.7 and 106.5, some are more useless than others and block out once listenable/enjoyable distant signals but I will not elaborate. Although 92.9 OOM/GGT and 107.3 RDV are very useful and entertaining.

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