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    Apparently I missed this one, Money Matters Radio ( A.K.A.Barry Armstrong) WBNW AM must have prevailed upon the Feds to grant them a license to cover after the FCC deleted the translator license after the station failed to file the paperwork to change the CP to a License to Cover, even though they were using the translator.

    The failure to file the paperwork in a timely manner, letting CP expire and effectively killing the translator was IMHO an inexcusable mistake by whomever was running the show down there

    I am surprised the FCC gave them the license considering not only how the deletion came to be, but all the mistakes in the appeal's filing... I read it they could not get the years right for the dates of certain events.


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    Quote Originally Posted by raccoonradio View Post
    My point was they got the D removed and a license to cover and nobody mentioned it.

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    Anyone know if itís actually on the air?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlehmann View Post
    Anyone know if it’s actually on the air?
    I heard it going through the area many months ago, but not more recently.

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