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Thread: Has anyone heard 1510 power up yet?

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    And yes.....I know this is a 1510 thread.............

    I have a question about WRKO.....the last couple of nites and overnites there has been dead air at the top of every hour, it lasts for about 8 minutes...this time is supposed to be used to air the news and assorted psa, ads, etc etc....Sunday nite there was dead air until about 10:20 then a repeat of Howie's show for about 8 minutes then Bill Cunningham live....overnite C2C is cut off in mid sentence near the top of the hour and then dead air until the intro to the show at about 7 minutes past the hour...RKO has moved into new studios...I'm wondering who is responsible for queing up the start of ads, news, programs, etc...is it RKO or is it IHeart? Someone on another site suggested it may be the new studio and people getting the kinks out....I don't know if this happens during the day because I don't listen, except for Howie's show and he doesn't seem to have issues at the top of the hour. Also every morning at 5am the beginning of C2C starts again for about 20 minutes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raccoonradio View Post
    Am getting 1510 by both day and night in Beverly, halfway decent.Double checked last night..yes same thing as 95.9

    Joe McMillan on facebook:
    "TONIGHT "DICK SUMMER" back on 1510 WMEX and 95.9 WATD FM at 10PM "THE "DICK SUMMER BEDTIME PODCAST" Monday thru Friday PLUS WORLDWIDE ..www.959watd.com Streaming"
    (15 min I think, then Peter Black's blues show)

    Thanks for the info, Racoon. Dick Summer has a podcast of current and past shows.


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