If in case anybody hasn't heard the news, and I can't believe anybody hasn't posted it Morning Shift host Tony Sarabia has announced he is leaving WBEZ after 28 years, and Moving Shift which he started hosting when it start in 2012. Robert Feder and Steve Edwards also sent out the news to WBEZ subscribers that get their news letters. He isn't planning his retirement, he plans to move to rural Iowa to pursue opportunities outside of radio. Now if haven't heard him on the show and you want to, you have plenty of time as he is not signing off until the end of the year, which he his last day is December 21st. Morning Shift is a show that is produced by WBEZ that airs at 9 AM weekdays following Morning Edition on WBEZ. Steve Edwards has announced Sarabia’s successor will begin in the coming months, along with Jennifer White will still do the Friday shows and the making of podcasts as well.