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Thread: TuneIn Tune Out For Entercom: Radio.com Gets Exclusive

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBigA View Post
    Funny...Tom Taylor is quoting this post in his newsletter, and wondering if perhaps Cumulus is "warming up to TuneIn?"
    I noticed that, too. I also noticed, at some point this afternoon, my local Cumulus stations disappeared from the local listings on the website, though I could still find them, including updated logos, with a search. Guessing someone at Cumulus or TuneIn also read Tom's newsletter. This evening, I was listening to a station I don’t normally listen to via TuneIn, and a Cumulus station showed up in my similar stations list complete with artist and song display. I clicked it, and it worked perfectly on my iPhone. Obviously, I'm not enough in the know to be able to tell you if that was a fluke or a precursor of things to come. It seems odd to me that Cumulus logos on iHeart haven’t been updated in months while TuneIn shows recent changes (search WLS and look at 94.7's logo). I suppose stranger things have happened, but I can’t imagine TuneIn adding Cumulus logos without getting them from the company. Why update logos for stations you're not allowed to carry when you have partners already needing your help? Maybe there’s another logical explanation, but I don’t have it.

    No actual interviews with anyone at Cumulus to substantiate it, other than to say they're still streaming on iHeart.
    I've poked a few of my friends at Cumulus, and they’re not saying much. The most common response has been that they don’t know. Another one said he believed the deal with iHeart was up for renewal in the next month but didn’t know anything else. I tend to think they’re being sincere. During my brief time at Cumulus, streaming was a local option. I seem to remember it was taken up to the corporate level more than 10 years ago. Switching partner apps should be easy if that’s still the case and what it’s intending to do. It wouldn’t need to give the local stations any notice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kent View Post

    I've poked a few of my friends at Cumulus, and they’re not saying much. The most common response has been that they don’t know.
    The one thing that would surprise me would be if they started their own platform to compete against iHeart and Entercom.

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    I'd be surprised by that, too. We know what happened the last time Cumulus tried to start its own platform! Plus, Cumulus would probably have to bulk up it’s IT staff to pull that off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boombox4 View Post
    Point taken. But not everyone wants to load up a device with stuff that they don't use.
    Then again, you may be right. With new phones, maybe people don't care.
    I'll be the first to tell you I hate, and I mean HATE, single station apps. Most donít provide anything but a tuner for each station, and they clutter my devices too much. Plus, I listen to streaming a lot at work, and I get a much better experience with iHeart and TuneIn. If I use those apps in the car, the last station I listen to shows up on the home screens when I navigate to their websites. The continuity is nice, and I get similar results when I get into the car.

    I've been told about 80% of smartphone listening occurs via single station apps, but I suspect most people donít have as fickle of a music taste as I do. They probably want to listen to their favorite station or two favorite stations while working out or going for a run and donít care much beyond that.

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    Agree with Kent on Single Station Apps. I can see the value for a truly independent station IF, and only if, they are going to leverage it to offer exclusives, promotion add ons and other value added content for listeners who download it. Such features justify the space and performance the app consumes. Most likely small and mid market stations, WCSM in St. Mary's, OH being an example, would be good candidates for a single station or small cluster app. Otherwise, being part of a platform is the way to go.

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    I'm betting that although "radio.com" is now just an app for Entercom stations (as Kent said, "single station apps,") I'm sure they have bigger plans. I'm thinking iHeart's app when it was in its early stages. All the Entercom stations (at least in my market) are now identifying as "a radio dot com station" in their legal IDs -- just like iHeart, too

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    Before Entercom removed their stations from TUNE-IN these are the stations I listened to on the app sorted by owner.


    Hot 93.7 - Hip-Hop (Local)
    104.3 Jams - Classic Hip-hop (Chicago)

    Full Power Radio
    Kool 96.1/990 - Oldies (Local)
    Bomba-FM Spanish CHR (Local)

    Gois Media
    La Mega 101.7 (910) - Spanish CHR (Local)

    Costa Eagle Media
    Big 105.3 (1570) - Oldies (Boston)

    You may ask why I listen to local stations on Tune-In. The only radio I have is my Walkman and it eats batteries. I can listen on my phone while it's charging. (My Mom has her own radio in the kitchen).

    The iHeart Apps is built into the Smart TV my Mom has, but it does't have a head phone jack. I only listen to one iHeart owned station and that's Real 106.1 the classic hip-hop station out of Philly and truthfully Entercom's 104.3 Jams is a better Classic Hip-Hop station than Real 106.1 because Real from time to time will play a current song.

    TownSquare is another one that makes you download a station's app. KICKS 105.5 out of Danbury is a better Country station than our local iHeart owned Country 92.5, but I'm not going to download a one station app.

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    You could get a Wireless set of TV ears that can connect via Bluetooth at Harbor Freight cheap. Similarly, you should be able to find a reasonably priced clock radio at CVS, Rite Aid or Walgreens.

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