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Thread: TuneIn Tune Out For Entercom: Radio.com Gets Exclusive

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    Quote Originally Posted by boombox4 View Post

    there has never been such a thing as 'unlimited memory' in a computer device. .
    You must know it's a figure of speech. Unlimited, meaning more that you could ever need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wimmmex View Post
    You must know it's a figure of speech. Unlimited, meaning more that you could ever need.
    Sure it's a figure of speech, but even with IPhones people run out of memory today. A Google search on IPhone memory reveals that even with it's present version of "unlimited memory" there are limits to how much they can load onto their phone. They don't have 'more than they could ever need' right now, and I doubt that will change in the future. As I mentioned before, it really hasn't changed since the 80's.

    We'll just have to agree to disagree here. Have a great day.

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    TuneIn announces the addition of Cumulus stations:


    Refer back to post #41 in this thread, where Tom Taylor reported that "Cumulus may be warming up to TuneIn."

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    Well, you heard it here first! ;-)

    Of course, as I said before, I can’t claim any special knowledge. I just happened upon my local Cumulus stations showing up in my local listings on TuneIn. That certainly wasn’t the first time a streaming partner inadvertently gave away a big change.

    What will be curious now is what happens with the relationship with iHeart. Given that the last Cumulus updates occurred months ago, I'm guessing Cumulus will be leaving iHeart in the next few weeks. Stranger things, though, have definitely happened. That radio operators always talk to each other has never been a secret.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kent View Post

    What will be curious now is what happens with the relationship with iHeart.
    I imagine it's status quo. If there was something costly or unfair in the deal, they could have canceled it during the bankruptcy. But since it wasn't canceled then, I imagine it will continue. Unless they have their own platform, it benefits them to be on as many platforms as they can. And it looks as though they won't be building their own platform any time soon.

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    Someone mentioned Townsquare a few posts back. Here's what I don't get about them, why have they been promoting single station apps for about a year while keeping Radio Pup open and not reopening TuneIn? I have the big three, and use radio.com the least, hardly ever use it in fact. There are only about four Entercom stations I like, and the only CBS stations I ever liked were KSCF when it was Modern AC and WLTE in its later years as Lite. Both are now gone. I really should update my favorites throughout my apps, but hardly ever just listen to stations anymore, I'm usually doing other things while listening on my computer these days. When I'm listening on my phone it's usually podcasts or locally stored music.

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    Townsquare likely sells ads on it's individual station apps which would explain the promotion of them. They keep Radio Pup open likely because there is minimal variable cost for doing so and they've already invested in the platform.

    I think Radio.com is fine, but my biggest gripe with it is the poor search function. Basically you'd better know the exact call letters. No way to search by a host or show name. For a program like 'America's Greatest Hits' one must find the times the show airs somewhere else and then search for the station on the app. On Tune In you can search for the name of the program.

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