Tropo? E-skip? on FM?
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Thread: Tropo? E-skip? on FM?

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    Tropo? E-skip? on FM?

    Tuesday night I was cruising around Allston and tried picking up WSNE from Providence.

    Picked up what sounded like Country music on 93.3 and couldn't figure out what station this might be.

    Country music...some hokey sounding traffic reports and spots....and I finally got the call letters WKYQ!

    100,000 watts in Paducah Kentucky!

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    It's that time of year.Some I have picked up in the past:
    "Kix 96.5" WJCL-FM Savannah GA , a country station, while in Beverly, mixed with Herman Cain talk from WDBO in Orlando

    WPCC Pensacola FL in Salem (on WMWM freq but we were off air)

    NPR from Carbondale IL

    A friend got a New Orleans FM in Akron OH area

    WQXR -FM NYC in Essex

    Years ago a friend got what was then WBCS 96.9 "Boston's Country Station" when in Wisconsin.He joked, "Wisconsin's Best Country Station".Ads for Boston businesses.

    WWDB-FM Philly while in Lynn
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    WKYQ to Boston would be e-skip. And yes, the band was wide open Tuesday evening from the northeast down towards KY/AR/etc.
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