Apple In Multi-Year Content Deal With Oprah

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Thread: Apple In Multi-Year Content Deal With Oprah

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    Apple In Multi-Year Content Deal With Oprah

    Also in turn the article has mentioned that Apple wants to go after Netflix for viewers when the company has announced a broadcast deal for Oprah's production company for streaming.

    LOS ANGELES (AP) Apple says it has reached a multi-year deal with Oprah Winfrey to create original programs for its streaming service.

    Apple said Friday the programs will be released worldwide as part of a lineup of original content.

    Apple has yet to launch its service, whose major competitors will include Amazon and Netflix.

    Winfrey founded and heads the OWN channel as chair and CEO. She recently extended her contract with OWN through 2025.

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    They've been talking about this "streaming service" for years. To those who follow Apple, this is par for the course. There's no shortage of budget, but a constant inability to pull the trigger. And I'm saying this as a fan of the company as a whole.

    For Oprah, it keeps her staff busy and employed. But in reality, the only time she gets attention any more is when she does a segment for 60 Minutes.

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