Staten Island LPAM's ?
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Thread: Staten Island LPAM's ?

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    Staten Island LPAM's ?

    Some time back there was word of a string of LPAM's broadcasting; kind of a daisy chain of them,
    simulcast, for maximum coverage. IIrc, the network was for Staten Island.

    Did they ever get off the ground with the venture? Are they still around ?

    Now I don't mean to suggest that they had a snowball's chance in Hades of showing with, like,
    a 3.7 in the NYC book. I had just been looking at maps (a lifelong hobby) and figured that such
    a setup probably would have some listeners in Brooklyn because of the water-path.

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    I don't know about Staten Island, but Hudson County, NJ had planned to operate a chain of five 10-watt transmitters on 1710 kHz, using the call sign WQFG689. But according to their current license information, it looks like only one of the transmitters is presently on the air, in Jersey City.

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