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Thread: Where is KNLY?

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    From the posting:

    "91.1 FM "The Boss"
    Latin, Country, Top40's, 80's and News
    Houston's Choice for Music Mix!"

    Sounds like a variety station! Cool.

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    Unfortunately it seems they’re downgrading from 15,000 to 8000 Watts. So it won’t be reaching any of Houston.

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    I pulled the coverage map from the FCC and it appears the station 60 dbu is more like typing 0 but offset at an angle on a line from southeast Huntsville to just northwest of Liberty. With the tower site halfway between New Waverly and Cold Spring, it misses the populated places except New Waverly and Cold Spring. Not sure of the population count in the 60 dbu but my guess the price of $200,000 was a hefty one for a non-commercial FM. I'm guessing about $4 to $5 per head in population. I hear $3 or less is average.

    I know from selling advertising, the merchant likes to be able to receive the station. Selling Underwriting is the same scenario. Given this station does not hit the areas where the bulk of the business community resides, it will be tough to gain ground in sales. The average listener to a public supported station might give on average $150 a year. That figure includes stations that hire pros to direct and fulfill fund drives. In other words, you drop that 'hired hand' results and that annual figure might be $75. And without a hired hand, years of community presence might get 1 in 15 listeners to donate. The rule of thumb is to not even attempt to have a fund drive until you have been on air for 2 years because the results are terrible. That means you need to find creative ways to find your operating budget. And grants ain't it.

    By the way, they used the typical 'template' of religious programming to describe the format, something done quite often. While the FCC does not regulate programming, a programming description is added on an application. Filing to say you choose religious programming means no questions from the FCC. So many applicants use the religious programming description even though they don't intend to be. Since a station can change format at will, if it was ever questioned, the applicant would simply say 'we chose to take the station in a different direction'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnyHuman View Post
    From the posting:

    "91.1 FM "The Boss"
    Latin, Country, Top40's, 80's and News
    Houston's Choice for Music Mix!"

    Sounds like a variety station! Cool.
    I won't be surprised when this station goes off the air in 6 months.

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    I think the proper answer to the original question is - in the middle of nowhere.

    The rabbits will enjoy listening to this station. People, not many covered by it.

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    It's hard to imagine a worse allocation of financial resources and radio signal for a non-commercial station that relies on donations - "broadcasting live from the middle of Sam Houston National Forest somewhere between Huntsville and Cleveland." For the 5 or 10 hikers there, great, but only if they're willing to donate big bucks to the cause. BamaTX and Stan are right, the rabbits will enjoy the station, but only for another 6 months.
    See the signal coverage here: https://fccdata.org/?facid=&call=KNL...EN&latd=&lond=

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    I was able to pick them up tonight by my neighborhood. Lots of static, but mostly Banda songs.

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    The station was on Fox 26 with Ruben Dominguez. The guy said you can hear the station here in the woodlands. But starting next week you'll be able to hear us in Houston. Any scoop of what he meant by that? There is no info online of them getting a construction permit.

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