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    Sound problem

    I just heard "Hit the Road Jack" on America's Best Music (WNAM) with iHeartRadio on my TiVo.

    Ray sounded fine. The musical instruments sounded fine. The backup singers sounded like they were in a closet.

    I wonder if that's the station, the stream, or iHeartRadio? I know my local station which used to play America's Best Music had a problem with a Fifth Dimension song which was similar. Seems like it eventually got fixed.

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    And it could be America's Best Music that has the problem.

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    That particular cut has some very enhanced stereo. Ray predominantly comes out of one speaker and the Rayletts out of another. Very possibly the left and right channels have been combined into mono by the station. If there is some out of phase information in the recording, which is quite likely, or if the station has one channel out of phase with the other, it will voice cancel, making the voices sound very weak. In fact, you might only hear the reverb trail, not the primary vocal channel.

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    There are a lot of stages in the process.

    I listen to an AM oldies station in the car where voices come out of one speaker, and instruments out of another, or perhaps some voices come from one speaker and some from the other. I've only noticed that on this one station and on an FM station that has since changed formats.

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