1540 absent a few days
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Thread: 1540 absent a few days

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    1540 absent a few days

    They have been off the air since Wednesday...

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    Sale of 1540 to Aztec Capital Has been approved. I'm guessing the ex owners turn over the signal?

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    Still off the air, over three weeks, guess it takes time to get the Standards library ready, LMAO....

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    Spanish format!

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    oy vey iz mir another one, I guess the next move will be to con the FCC into a translator so they can join the group, we already have three 95.3/99.9/105.7 whats a few more, if they can pull it, more power to them...I never quite understood why the Geat with his millions and love for the R&B format never bought it and kept GGR on the air instead of popping up on these pay as you go flea powered stations.
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    Because he didn't have the cash? Because even he knows a lost cause (sometimes) when he sees it? Because that's not the business model he chooses? Just a couple of guesses.

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    But he's the king, he is the Geator with the heater, the boss with the hot sauce, he can do anything, just ask him, even so far as appearing on an episode of the Monkees LMAO..

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