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    WCAP - Lowell

    Who is programming WCAP, anyone know?

    I know who the owners are...but who internally is choosing programming?

    THey seem to have gone off the Left End with programming from Russia Today, etc.

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    WCAP will run ANYTHING if the check clears.

    Jeff Santos, Howie Carr, it matters not.

    They over paid for the station, the Colonel had to buy out his partner, the transmitter is barely functioning, IIRC there have been issues related to the transmitter site.

    I don't think they are in any position to turn down any paying customers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MRBIboredop View Post

    WCAP will run ANYTHING if the check clears.
    You think Thom Hartman (formerly of Russia Today) is paying them?

    You think Stephanie Miller is paying them?

    BTW...How much did they pay for the station

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    I guess there's a new blues show Sat nites at 10 pm w Peter Ward (widower of WGBH's Mai Cramer)

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