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Thread: Adult Hits vs Classic Hits

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    Betw Hazleton and Pottsville PA ; Allentown closest market
    Here's our local radio scene, 100 miles NW of Philadelphia.

    'Hanna-FM' -- the Susquehanna's Greatest Hits -- and 'Eagle 107' (WEGH) are both joys to hear in the car.

    Median age of our usual car audience is 64.

    Both stations are listed as Classic Hits. But Eagle 107 has an immense AoR-ish library. Hanna 92.3 plays some of the most bizarre music sweeps I can remember hearing (the Sunshine Company then BAD Company?!?!) but all their songs were Top 40 hits. It's a real coin flip in the car but a good one. When one starts in with a :45 minute marathon of commercials, we go to the other.

    Another car button is WHLM 930 Bloomsburg. They're 'Oldies', the kind that many here remember them from the time WCBS-FM ditched their Jack format and went back in somewhat chicane form to what put The Golden 101 on the map in the first place.
    Besides, a Long Island buddy of ours works at WHLM :-) -- Bob Gale.

    Of course, agency buys up here in un-rated Schuylkill County are un-heard of. But I have not heard a paucity of spots on any of those three stations. They are all reaching people they want to reach.

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    Adult Hits include titles that are 80's, 90's and in some cases currents (without the sleepy AC titles). You will hear very few pre 80's songs. Many are rock leaning.

    Classic hits are mostly very familiar 70's and 80's tracks (and a few titles from the 90's that are testing well). Think classic American Top 40.
    96.3 Demopolis AL.
    100.5 Meridian Mississippi.

    92.5 Frisco City/Monroeville

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    a Long Island buddy of ours works at WHLM :-) -- Bob Gale.

    Is this the same guy that did the news on WIBBAGE in the 60's during the Joe Niagara show, if so, a really great guy...

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