Rat and Puff are out. Cruise and Julia are in:

"Chris Cruise is a Detroit native and comes to WDZH having previously worked at WOW 104.3 in Boise, I.D. Lepidi has been a night show host at WDZH since 2015. :

I'm not sure if this portends a full format change, a format dilution, or simply happened because of the expiration of a contract. Entercom has not been shy about making changes at the former CBS Radio assets it acquired last year. AMP plays in a crowded field in Detroit. I'd welcome a real AC station, but I'm not sure it could gain traction with WNIC and WOMC doing so well. I think Rat and Puff just had a generous contract and weren't pulling numbers worthy of their pay. I can say with near certainty that what WON'T happen will be a return to Smooth Jazz. While I'd welcome that, the audience is too small and the demos too old to even speculate that such a thing is possible.