Boston Ratings released 6/12/18
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Thread: Boston Ratings released 6/12/18

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    Boston Ratings released 6/12/18

    The Boston ratings came out on 6/12/18.

    Observations from someone outside the market. NPR station WBUR-FM got a nice jump, while the other NPR station WGBH-FM was down slightly. WBZ-FM was up some. WEEI-FM was down some. (Interesting. I thought they do well during baseball season). The only other observation I have is whether the ratings went up or down they didn't go up or down too significantly.

    Full numbers here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcB View Post
    WKAF beats WJMN?
    (WKAF has had some surges before....makes me wonder how well this format would do on a full signal that people knew about...)

    WODS lowest in 4 months?
    (I think of this when I see their billboards around town.)

    WBUR doing great!
    (So many people in the business write off this station as "just a non-comm" or "educational" station. Many people I have spoken to tell me they have never listened to this station. Seems like this station is really becoming THE "news station" for the next generation. Boston's largest radio newsroom! ;-) Which, these days, isn't very hard. Given that many stations have no newsroom.)

    Yeah, I know, I's only 6+...but you can see some trends.

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    WBZ FM did alright with the Celtics it appears.

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    ....and Krazy K00000nah continues to be an anchor around RKO's neck....
    I'm not a broadcast radio industry professional (PG/DB by day, HA by night), but, I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express one evening. Now working FT8 on 20/40/80m!

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    During today's 4 pm top of the hour news on WRKO's iHeart stream, a bizarre remix/loop of promos for Kuhner Sat. replays ("Collusion, could not be proved") and The Lutheran Hour ("Jesus...don't you care about me?"). The parable about the fisherman and Kuhner/Carr Sat. reruns was eventually replaced by weather and traffic.

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