will this hurt WMMR/WPPZ
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Thread: will this hurt WMMR/WPPZ

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    will this hurt WMMR/WPPZ

    With all the new high rise construction in CC, it seems the two Liberty properties are having their signals blocked to the west. I think WMMR would be hurt more than WPPZ, due to the fact they have more power to bounce back and they are 40 feet lower on the mast. You can see the new construction to the west which will dwarf Liberty One. I don't know if the recently built Comcast Center did any damage, but this new structure is going to be higher. Maybe Beasley should buy WPHI shut it down, then they can move WMMR to the farm.


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    Spend millions upon millions to shut down WPHI.


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    Or could WMMR just move to top of the 2nd Comcast bldg on that really bright white rectangle?

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